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List of Popular Free Android Games for 2015

androidIf you own a mobile phone or a tablet these days, you definitely showed interest about the latest popular and free Android games for 2015. Remember that once you visit the Internet and search for the best Android gaming platforms, these are enormous in numbers and that makes it difficult to choose instantly. Nevertheless, this is still advantageous because this just prove the popularity of these online games.


Here is the list of some of the most popular free Android games to enjoy:

Red Stone

Red StoneThis is perhaps one of the best shuffling games for your Android phone because it allows you to enjoy shuffling the square shapes to win the game. Unfortunately, this is also one of the toughest games to win because you need to complete the entire set of squares before gaining huge scores. Likewise, some online game enthusiasts do not appreciate this one maybe because the level of difficulty despite being popular.

Angry Bird Star Wars

Angry Bird Star WarsSince the introduction of the different Angry Bird games few years ago, they continue to gain success due to the remarkable effort of Rovio. Besides the previous versions, one of the most popular versions today is the Angry Bird Star Wars. Of course, this free game still reveals the original concept of the game but in a more improved manner. Because of incorporating the setup of the Star Wars, it allows the players to enjoy the different equipment and weapons to defeat their rivals.

Dot Arena

Dot ArenaThis is surely one of the most popular Android games that is becoming in demand in the Southeast Asian region and in other parts of the world. Dot Arena features an inventive action-card-battle gaming system that requires the players to use their best strategies to win. Just like the other available group games, this will let you setup a group of people who will help you compete with the other groups of expert competitors. It is like playing a combat game, which requires every group to play smarter and must defeat their enemies to survive longer before winning.  This remarkable mobile game is continuously attracting thousands of gamers worldwide.

Frozen Bubble

Frozen BubbleFrozen Bubble is another very popular Android game despite revealing the same concept of other gem-like online games. What is good about this gaming platform is that it allows the player to enjoy shooting the colored bubbles to create the exact clusters and garner scores. It is important to hit the exact color combinations to let them disappear and prevent the bubbles from going down. The consequence is that once the bubbles fill out the entire screen, the player loses the game.


Marvel Mighty Heroes

Marvel Mighty HeroesWith this particular online game, the players enjoy fighting against the evil elements or villains to protect the world from any destruction. Of course, it is possible for the players to compete as the enemies or as the heroes who save the world from total devastations. Some of the popular characters that players can choose include Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk and a lot more to consider who are from the Marvel super heroes. Definitely, this is an amazing real-time gaming platform with a lot of excitement.

Gem Miner

Gem MinerWhen playing this particular game, the player acts like a real small-sized digger who continues to dig under the ground. However, this does not only involve normal digging because the player needs to find the best raw materials to dig and must upgrade the tools and equipment before getting them. Likewise, the player needs to increase his power to dig deeper and win the entire game. This particular option surely requires the right strategies and disposition for the player.

Fast and Furious Legacy

Fast and Furious LegacyIn this particular Android game, it is important for the players to create their own legacy like the original characters of the Fast & Furious movies. After creating the best team, it is time to compete with the other rival teams and this is a very impressive game because it depicts the exact setting of the different actual locations from the original movies. Of course, the situations likewise involve the usual cops, traffic jam, aerial and land actions. Another very interesting factor is that the available cars are parts of the latest and popular models.

Keep in mind that these mentioned games can upgrade anytime and if this happen, you as a player can do anything you want. Lastly, you can utilize the Internet as the best reference when searching for more non-paid Android games today.

What I Like About The Razer Deathadder Gaming Mouse

Razer Deathadder MouseNot all people have a thing about online gaming. Well, that’s not the case for me. I’m into gaming, either online or LAN. This is one of my ways of releasing stress from every day’s work. Though I’m not a heavy gamer, I make sure that I have all the essential devices to optimize my gaming pleasure. One of them is the Razer Deathadder. The Razer Deathadder is a gaming mouse I used for quite some time now. And mind you, it is totally worth it! Gone are the days that a generic mouse can help your gaming pleasure be optimized. Now, if you want to have a full-blown gaming fun, try a mouse dedicated to gaming.

If you are like me, you will take advantage of the Razer Deathadder review first. This is important to give you a prior knowledge about the mouse. I have been using it for almost two years now, and it feels great! I have no pain in my hands, and I can continue for hours playing! The Razer mouse has a great quality build, which means that even if you intend to break it, it won’t easily break. If I have $40 in my pocket right now, and I will buy another gaming mouse, I will buy one more Razer Deathadder. Why? Because it is totally worth it for the price it comes with.

Why Choose The Razer Deathadder Mouse For A Great Gaming Experience?

Why would you buy this mouse if you are not into gaming? Again, this mouse is built for gaming, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot use it for your everyday internet surfing. The Razer Deathadder is ergonomic, which is why I have no problems holding it for hours. If you’re a fan of RPG games like me, then you have to get a mouse solely built to withstand millions of clicks per game! Okay, I exaggerate, but you get the idea. The Razer Deathadder is so good if it is paired with a Razer gaming mat along with a Razer gaming keyboard.

Just like what others say, this mouse is a mouse intended for diehard gamers. It is a real performer overall. The buttons are easy to press. They are sensitive enough to touch, but they are not too sensitive to be clicked even if you don’t intend to. The build quality is something on another level. I love the grip it offers. It fits my hand just fine. Plus, the blue glow and the Razer trademark logo are other appealing things about this mouse. One thing I noticed about this mouse, though, is that the rubber tends to peel. But I think it’s a common issue, especially if you are using it for quite some time now.

The Razer Deathadder mouse review gives you an idea if you need this mouse on your gaming pleasure. Again, if you are not into gaming, I suggest not to take this mouse. You are good to get a generic and cheap mouse. On the other hand, if you really wanted to try the Razer Deathadder and you have some few bucks to spare, then you can purchase this online. Or, just like me, you can visit your local computer store and ask if they have the Razer Deathadder in stock. Some physical stores offer a one-year warranty on their products, which is why if you get any problems using this mouse within a year, then you are entitled for a replacement.

Should You Go Out And Buy Razer Deathadder For Yourself?

I love this mouse. I mean, I could not ask for more because it gives me all the things I need. Its grip is comfortable, the build design is outstanding and its price tag is reasonable. I suggest you do some search online if you are really into gaming. I have no problems with Razer Deathadder, which is why I will definitely suggest this mouse to everyone who plays games on PC. It does the job quite marvelously. Or, if you want to get more savings when buying this mouse, make sure to wait for the holiday season. A lot of stores are having sale during holidays, so you can save more if you take advantage of buying the Razer Deathadder during that season.

Reveal How Useful to Have a GPS from Our Android Phone 

Reveal How Useful to Have a GPS from Our Android Phone Nowadays, one of the most popular sporting events that many people are enjoying is cycling. This is actually the favorite of my friend also because whenever he has spare time, he loves to ride his bike outside with his wife and son. Because Jessie is beginning to show great enthusiasm to cycling, he is aware on how to use the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) from his android phone to track down the different locations when they travel.

Of course, this is aside from having a quality bike and preparing the exact clothes and shoes to wear.

During our conversation, he revealed to me the importance of bringing a map in case heading from a further location too. He told me that this a great substitute in case the GPS device he is carrying will not function properly. On the other hand, Jessie told me that there is only a little chance of experiencing a malfunction device particularly if this is made from a trusted company. This is the reason why he advice me not to invest money for those low quality android phones that do not have the best apps and features.

When we talked about the value of having an android phone with great GPS-enabled program, my friend told that this is crucial when traveling to avoid losing the direction. By having this kind of navigational system, it is easier to make a quicker transition to the exact direction. This is the exact time when I thought that this kind of benefit truly boosted the demands of both high-end and economical smart phones.

If we try to research using the Internet now, we can definitely find useful information about the different phones that contributed tremendously in the transition of our lives. Just like what Jessie told me, it is easier for us to receive data from a particular location using the latest android GPS from the feeding satellites. Because we can also download an app to have the GPS, it is provides the best convenience whenever we have outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking and biking. This kind of benefit will let us enjoy using the different maps from the application that likewise feature remarkable aerial images of the places we want to see.

Another interesting factor from his android phone is that it is supported with wireless connectivity, which we may consider a significant feature of a dependable device. With this kind of advantage, he can use the app whenever he visits a place with Wi-Fi connection.

Jessie likewise explained to me about the benefit of having a reliable Android GPS app to gain quick access from the different maps of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and more. He added that with the advent of the Internet now, these countries provide updated information from their respective databases for the benefit of the online users.

He however said that as users, we need to determine the available free and paid services to avoid any inconvenience.

It was really a great time talking to my good friend and learning other things about the latest app that we can download and use for our android phones. Like for people who love to bike, trek or hike, they can choose the most suitable application that is ideal for their favorite outdoor activities.

After learning a lot of things from Jessie, it started to improve my awareness that our android phones are really useful when it comes to productivity matters. You see, we can benefit from the different applications that we can use for professional purposes, whether we use a mobile phone, a smart phone or a laptop because the convenience they offer is remarkable.

The impressive evolution of the different smart phones is now reaching its tipping point, which truly boosted the industry of mobile communication. I also believe that it does not matter on how advance the android operating system we use, it can surely benefit us because it make us more productive on the different things to accomplish each day.

As a final point, there are now countless of apps that we can download and utilize for our smart phones and gadgets. Their effectiveness and reliability will depend on how we take advantage of them for our intended purposes. As expected, we benefit from these applications without spending money because most of them are free!